One of the most common questions we get from our customers is, “Are Milwaukee screwdrivers magnetic?” Well, that’s a great question - and one we want to answer for you today. We’ll take a closer look at what makes Milwaukee screwdrivers so special and why some are magnetic while others aren’t. So, let’s find out if Milwaukee screwdrivers are magnetic or not!

What Makes a Screwdriver Magnetic?

The simple answer is the material used to make the screwdriver - specifically steel. Steel contains iron, which means it can be magnetized. This allows magnets to stick to the screwdriver, making it easier to pick up screws and other small metal objects. However, not all steel is created equal. Some steels contain more iron than others, which means they will be stronger magnets than other types of steel.

Milwaukee Screwdrivers – Magnetic or Not?

Now that you know what makes a screwdriver magnetic, you may be wondering whether Milwaukee screwdrivers are magnetic or not. The answer is…it depends! While some models of Milwaukee screwdrivers do contain more iron than others, not all are magnetized. To determine how strong your particular model is as a magnet, simply use a magnet test - place the magnet close to your tool and see how strongly it sticks. If it does stick well then your tool is likely made from higher-grade steel and has more iron content in it than other models on the market.


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