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Getting Results from Day #1

Creating content, building a following, and having an existing email list are common prerequisites for making money online.

However, Thomas and Jonathan recognized the need for a solution that would allow anyone to achieve results from day one, regardless of their content creation or following size.

Introducing Ice Cold Solo Traffic

The Profit Machine leverages a powerful traffic source known as solo traffic.

This unique traffic method enables even beginners to access high-quality traffic from day one, without the need for prior experience or an existing following.

It's a game-changer for those seeking instant results.

Incredible Conversions with Ice Cold Traffic

The results generated by The Profit Machine speak for themselves.

Here are some astonishing conversion rates achieved with ice cold traffic:

  • Opt-in rate: An impressive 52%
  • Main offer ($1): Converts at a remarkable 10% with a powerful Video Sales Letter (VSL). After the initial $1 payment, it transitions to a $47 monthly subscription.
  • Order bump: Converts at an incredible 40% with a $27 product.
  • One-time offer: Insane conversion rate of 55% for a lifetime offer priced at $147.
  • Upsell within the program: Converting at a solid 21%.

The Profit Machine is the product that makes all of this possible.

With its proven system and optimized funnels, it's the key to your online success.

This groundbreaking product is something Thomas and Jonathan wish they had when they started their own journey.

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