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These Floating Bathroom Vanity's are perfect for you!

From sleek minimalistic designs to ornate styles, we have something that will fit any taste.

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Plus, with plenty of storage options available, you can keep all of your essentials organized without sacrificing style.

How We Choose

Choosing the perfect bathroom vanity is tough. It's like finding a unicorn in a haystack.

You spend hours scrolling through endless options, getting sucked into a black hole of decision-making.

And when you finally pick one, it turns out to be a total dud.

But fear not! We've done the hard work for you and found the top 5 Floating Bathroom Vanity's based on thousands of Amazon reviews.

No more endless scrolling or disappointing choices.

ARTCHIRLY 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity

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Wondering Why We Love It

Elevate your daily bathroom routine with the ARTCHIRLY 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity. Crafted from resilient "Eco-Friendly" plywood and adorned with a "Scratch & Water-Resistant" melamine surface, this vanity is a testament to durability and elegance. The ceramic art sink pairs seamlessly with the white flat stone slab, presenting a canvas of options for your bathroom's aesthetic. The meticulous metal handle, inspired by life's artistry, bestows a touch of extraordinary elegance to your space. With ample storage within the two-door cabinets and a bottom area that effortlessly cradles your laundry baskets, this vanity is a symphony of practicality and refinement. Assembly? Fear not! The installation journey is thoughtfully curated within the comprehensive manual.

Modway Render 36 Wall-Mount Bathroom Vanity

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Marvel in the marriage of mid-century intrigue and modern flair with the Modway Render 36 Wall-Mount Bathroom Vanity. This vanity dances upon your wall, adorned with an MDF and particleboard frame wrapped in the warmth of walnut grain laminate—a solid yet stylish masterpiece. A ceramic sink basin with an integrated countertop and 8" centerset awaits, a playground of possibilities for your bathroom oasis. Hidden behind full-extension drawers lies a treasure trove of under-sink storage, providing the canvas for a visually serene space. Revitalize your bathroom's essence with this assembly-required, fixture-not-included wonder. Dimensions stand at 36"W x 18"L x 20"H—a testament to modern design.

Positano All Wood Floating Bathroom Vanity

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Drift into sophistication with the Positano All Wood Floating Bathroom Vanity—a symphony of smoothness and elegance, impervious to dings and distortions. This set, boasting a wall-hung design adorned with vertical lines, embraces both form and function. Soft-close drawers exude grace while guarding against friction's meddling touch. Crowned by an easy-to-clean ceramic sink, this vanity proudly wears five layers of paint, rendering it impervious to the trials of time. Achieve bathroom nirvana with its spacious storage and timeless allure, epitomizing the fusion of beauty and practicality.

TONA 36" Bathroom Vanity with Sink Combo

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Wondering Why We Love It

Behold the TONA 36" Bathroom Vanity with Sink Combo—an embodiment of refined taste and cutting-edge design. Its integrated quartz sand basin, a seamless masterpiece, is a testament to craftsmanship and cleanliness. Crafted from MFC with an E1-class free painting plate, this vanity not only adds style but also cares for your well-being. The matte black quartz sand sink boasts a mesmerizing luster, its ultra-thin form preventing splashes. Let the low noise and invisible handle drawers glide you into serenity, while TONA's patented U-shaped drainage pipeline access adds a touch of brilliance. With oversized storage space, your bath essentials find a luxurious abode.

BLOSSOM 24 Inch White Bathroom Vanity with Sink

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Wondering Why We Love It

Experience luxury with the BLOSSOM 24 Inch White Bathroom Vanity with Sink. A playground of elegance and endurance, this all-wood marvel resists dents and distortions, while the waved-shaped front conjures a classic appeal. Revel in the soft-close drawers, embracing tranquility and minimizing friction. The high-quality ceramic sink dances with an easy-to-maintain allure. Five layers of paint entwine with the vanity's essence, shielding it from moisture's grasp. A wood-framed mirror complements this masterpiece, while a 12" side cabinet echoes functionality. Curbside delivery awaits—embrace a new era of opulence.

The Conclusion

With all the info we've just provided, you're ready to hit the reset button and start your search for the perfect bathroom vanity. Whether it's achieving a modern-rustic feel or packing your powder room with tons of storage, we know that one of these Floating Bathroom Vanities will create those Pinterest-worthy vibes. So take your time, look around, and make sure you check out our top 5 before you even consider purchasing something else. And when you find the perfect piece for your home? Tap The Check The Price Button, order online in 3 clicks and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Simple as that!

Floating Bathroom Vanity FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Floating Bathroom Vanity?

Floating bathroom vanities, also known as wall-mounted vanities, offer a range of advantages that make them a popular choice in modern bathrooms. One major benefit is the utilization of floor space. By being mounted on the wall, these vanities free up valuable floor area, which is particularly advantageous for small bathrooms. They also create a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, contributing to the modern look that many homeowners desire. Whether you have a single sink vanity or one with two sinks, the floating design provides a sense of spaciousness, making even small bathrooms feel more open and inviting.

Can A Floating Bathroom Vanity Work In A Large Bathroom As Well?

Absolutely! Floating vanities aren't just for small bathrooms; they can also be a fantastic choice for large bathrooms. In fact, they can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to spacious settings. A modern floating vanity can serve as a focal point, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the room. If you have a large bathroom, consider opting for a floating vanity with two sinks for added convenience. This combination of functionality, modern style, and the utilization of floor space makes floating vanities a versatile option for bathrooms of all sizes.

Are Floating Vanities Suitable For A Bathroom With A Natural Stone Theme?

Yes, floating vanities can complement a bathroom with a natural stone theme beautifully. The clean lines and modern look of a floating vanity can provide a striking contrast to the organic textures of natural stone surfaces. Whether you have a small bathroom with a single sink vanity or a larger space with a double sink vanity, the wall-mounted design can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. This combination of elements creates a harmonious blend of modernity and natural beauty, resulting in a balanced and inviting bathroom ambiance.

What Should I Consider When Installing A Floating Bathroom Vanity In My Home?

Installing a floating bathroom vanity involves several considerations to ensure a successful and functional addition to your space. First, assess the available wall space and the dimensions of the vanity to determine the best fit. If you're replacing an existing vanity, take into account any plumbing adjustments that might be necessary. Whether your bathroom is small or large, a floating vanity can provide more space and contribute to a modern bathroom design. Remember that wall-mounted vanities need to be properly anchored for stability, especially if you're installing a double sink vanity. Proper installation guarantees that your floating vanity will serve as both a practical and stylish addition to your bathroom.