Ah, beer. It's one of the most beloved beverages in the world and its popularity has only grown since it was first brewed centuries ago. When it comes to enjoying a cold one, there are two main camps — those who prefer their beer straight from the bottle and those who like to pour it into a glass. But which is better? Let’s explore why it’s best to pour your brew into a pint glass.

The Aroma Argument

Pouring beer into a glass isn't just aesthetically pleasing, it's also great for your olfactory senses. By transferring your brew from bottle to glass, you allow the aroma of the beer to be released, making it more enjoyable when you take that first sip. And if you have ever ordered a craft beer at a bar or restaurant and wondered why the bartender took so long pouring it into a glass - that's why!

The Visual Argument

If you love taking pictures of your food and drinks as much as we do, then try pouring your favorite beer into a glass before snapping away. Not only does this make for an aesthetically pleasing photo (which will likely get more likes on social media), but it also allows you to see just how dark or light the color of the brew is compared to other beers out there. In addition, if you're drinking something with carbonation or with visible sediment like wheat beers, you can easily monitor how quickly they settle in the bottom of the glass without having to tilt and shake your bottle back and forth.

The Taste Argument

By pouring your favorite suds into a glass rather than drinking them directly from the bottle, you will be able to appreciate their flavor and taste notes more fully. Pouring creates foam on top of each sip which helps trap all those delicious aromas within every mouthful - meaning that even after swishing around in your mouth and swallowing, those aromas will still linger on your tongue until you take another sip! On top of this, some beers require specific temperatures before they should be drank - so unless you have an adjustable thermometer on hand while drinking out of bottle (which is not recommended) sticking with glasses is always best!


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